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ZAZU is the brainchild of Nynke Bakker and Sven van der Veen, a pair of intrepid parents who know all too well the trials and tribulations of raising not one, not two, but three little rascals each! Yes, that’s right! Three kids each.

Founded in 2013, this Dutch brand decided to tackle the age-old problem of sleep—or lack thereof—by crafting a range of children's sleeping aids that promise to bring tranquillity to bedtime and a smile to weary parents' faces.

Picture this: Your little cherubs, once cute and cuddly, have now transformed into mini-comedians, bursting with endless energy and personalities that rival Shakespearean dramas. But, as charming as they are during daylight hours, they have an uncanny knack for transforming into early morning alarm clocks at 5am. It's like they've got an audition for a sunrise show!

To save the day, ZAZU offers an array of bedtime toys, nightlights, sleep trainers, projectors for kids, and white noise toys. They're the secret agents of slumber, ensuring your household gets a good night's sleep. Because, let's face it, every parent deserves a full night's rest without negotiating with tiny noise-makers.

Operating from two offices—one in the Netherlands where creative visions come to life, and one in Hong Kong where the production magic happens—ZAZU has shared its sleep-inducing charm in more than 45 countries. ZAZU is here to bring peace to bedtime and ensure parents around the globe can wake up without needing a caffeine drip.

 Better Sleep for Children and Parents Alike!

Better sleep for kids and parents too!
THE Founders

Nynke Bakker

Sven van der Veen

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